These Two Books, 1 CD & Membership Reveal: The Most Important Strategies For Your Success In Home Business.

These simple and easy-to-read strategies will unlock the mysteries of success in home business. Learn how mums can stay home with their children, husbands can make MORE than enough to pay the bills and families can finally get out of the rat race!

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  • Bonus No. 1 - Undeniable Destiny

    The one book that everyone should read to be encouraged, uplifted and challenged. Undeniable Destiny is 137 page of life changing content and a behind the scenes story of Social Entrepreneurs, Sam & Linda Caster. Learn from their struggles and their successors as they move forward in building a global empire that is changing the world for good and how they are overcoming the obstacles that only business can throw at you.

  • Bonus No. 2 - Million Dollar MP3

    The “Million Dollar Club” online CD – This is a conference call I held for a  team of leaders I have personally trained from all over the world. They had to invest over $1,000 each to be on this call and be mentored. This call is the exact strategy I used to add $100,000 in one month to my turnover. The information on this one call I have been asked to cover all over the world.

  • Bonus No. 3 - Basic Membership To Dual Networking

    Dual Networking Basic Membership – The industry has been waiting years for this and it is here NOW… Get a look behind the scenes of how home business entrepreneurs are being trained all over the world with the latest in success strategies.

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Dear Entrepreneur,

If you are looking for THE way out of the rat race and want to make sure you avoid the pitfalls that so many people fall into, then make sure you read on…

Hi, I’m James Hannan and I have been training and developing leaders in the home business industry now since 1999. It has been the most exciting and rewarding career I could have ever wanted and I know that with some help it can be for you as well.

With the changing economy, political unrest and employment opportunities becoming more and more scarce, everyone is looking for ways to take their financial future into their own hands and stop allowing everyone else to control what their destiny will look like.

Because of this, the Home Business Arena is exploding as more and more people realise that it is not a place of last resort but an option that gives people the freedom to create the lifestyle they want with some of the most professional and in depth training & support you could receive anywhere.

The internet has changed everything for the home entrepreneur. It has made it easier, simpler and faster for a person to generate real results, as long as they are able to get the training and support they need.

So after all this time of not only researching but putting everything I learn into action, I thought it was time to answer some of the big questions that are being asked and save you from making HUGE mistakes that could cost you thousands and steal your dream…

  • How to make money from the people who don’t join your business. (Yes there is a way and it is at your finger tips)
  • What is the single biggest issue you are facing in business growth and how to overcome it. (When you read this you will have one of your biggest ‘aha’ moments in business)
  • Why YOU are the main product, not your company, and how you use this to your advantage. (Learn what the company has been telling you is totally wrong and why it is dangerous to your income)
  • What you need to do to get people coming to you. (Technology has changed the way we do business forever. Learn about a simple program that allows you to market on Auto Pilot)
  • Your Greatest Addiction, yes you have one. (This is not what you think, it is costing you a fortune. Learn how to tackle it head on and win)
  • Simple marketing strategies.(These concepts are so easy to implement that anyone can do them)
  • How to develop a list of resources that does not include anyone you know and why it’s worth so much more money than you ever thought possible. (EVERY Network Marketer should know this – it is how those “Super Stars” come out of no where and earn all the money while you are left watching)
  • Why so many people fail and only a few succeed. If you understand this, your chances of success will skyrocket. (This is more profound than you can ever imagine)
  • That the number one aspect of your offline and online strategy is FREE and most people ignore this to their peril… (This is ONLY for the smart business owners)
  • What the REAL flow of life actually is and how you can use it to develop a fuller life. (This will bring you more income and results than anything else)
  • Discover whether you’re afraid of money and how it’s affecting your income. (More and more people are afraid, learn how you can see if you are and what you can do about it)
  • What I did to add an EXTRA $100,000 in one four-week period to my turnover. (This is not as hard as you think. I will even give you an exclusive recording of how I did it, which you can go back to at any time) – please see earnings disclaimer
  • How to attract more people to you than you know what to do with. (You will never have thought this was possible)
  • How to make time your friend and get more done with the little you have available.(There is an amazing bit of technology that you need to see to believe)

Don’t wait another moment, I am not sure how long I can keep it at this price, it is worth a whole heap more than $17.

Grab your copy of The Freedom Manual now and I will see you on the next page and give you a few extra gift as well.

James Hannan - Social Entrepreneur & Author

James Hannan

PS: Success never comes from sitting around and wondering what you need to do, success comes from making a decision and taking action. You have everything inside of you to succeed, I believe in you. Just make sure you don’t make the mistakes I made, learn from them and go bigger and better than I did. GET THIS BOOK now and start your learning process.

PPS: Seriously, I do not know how long I can and will be keeping it at this price, it is a VERY big offer and an offer you need…there is no risk for you, so don’t wait. I will give you all of your money back, if you are not 100% satisfied… See you on the next page!

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