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Symmetry And Group

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By Larry Davis

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We now know that quartz is a crystalline form of SiO2. Crystals are solids that have a regular repeating structure, and in the case of quartz, although the ratio of O atoms to Si atoms is 2 : 1, the basic repeating structure is tetrahedral Si atoms connected to four oxygen atoms. In quartz tetrahedral SiO4 units can be arranged in different ways to give a repeating structure. 6 depict two mirror-image forms of what is called a-(low)-quartz. The macroscopic crystalline forms are, of course, connected to particular microscopic arrangements of the constituent atoms.

In 1891, how did Fischer know that the structure of glyceraldehyde that gave a positive rotation was the D form shown? He actually couldn’t have known this until the absolute structure of a chemically related compound was determined by X-ray crystallographic methods in 1951. He had a 50% chance of getting it right, and it turns out that he did! There are problems with this older nomenclature that led to the CIP system, but this D,L notation is based on structures and not atomic numbers, so it is still used in some applications.

Different compounds that could be formed with identical formula are called isomers. It was also easy to see that two of the six possible isomers were chiral. 15. The solid lines in this figure represent the bonds from the central metal atom to the substituents, and the dashed lines have been added to show the outline of the octahedron, which contains eight triangular faces. A real proof of the coordination theory of Werner was the successful measurement of optical rotation in octahedral complexes in 1911 [3].

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