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Chicago: aintree, 2004. htm Drag your mouse across the world map. See how the continents might once have fit together. ien e: A c sc R eal World Changing Earth 31 Index acific cean, 17 angaea, 24–25 plates, 12–14, 27 plate tectonics, 28 basalt lava, 21 Black ills, 14 blocks, 13–14 bombs, 19 Bridalveil alls, 9 O eal orld Science Challenge, 7, 9, 14, 17, 19, 24 ing of ire, 17 P geologists, 5 glaciers, 7–9 Grand Canyon, 5–6 Grand etons, 13 P folded mountains, 12–13 fossils, 25 W R awaii, 20–22, 26 imalaya Mountains,10–11 R N F F A water erosion, 5–6 waterfalls, 9 egener, lfred, 24 wind, 6–7 ational ark, 8–9 Yosemite oceans, 11 P N N A N orth merica, 25 orthern Mariana Islands, 17 valleys, 8–9 volcanoes, 4, 16–22 W E earthquakes, 28 erosion, 4–6 San ndreas ault, 28 sand dunes, 6–7 shield volcanoes, 20–22 Sleeping Bear ational Lakeshore, 6–7 South merica, 25 stratovolcanoes, 19–20 supercontinent theory, 24–25 A H H F magma, 15, 17–18, 27 mantle, 11–12, 28 Maui, 26 Mauna Kea, 22 Mauna Loa, 20–21 Mesosaurus, 25 mountains, 4, 10–15 Mount verest, 11 Mount Mitchell, 11 dome mountains, 14–15 dunes, 6–7 fault-block mountains, 13–14 faults, 13–14 A Lake Michigan, 7 lava, 18–19, 21 lava tube, 18, 19 California, 28 canyons, 4 cinder cone volcanoes, 22 cinders, 19 Colorado iver, 5 continents, 23–28 core, 12 crust, 11, 12, 14, 26, 27–28 R T H A A A A frica, 25 natahan volcano, 16–17 ndes Mountains, 13 ppalachian Mountains, 11 ash, 19 About the Author Heather Miller is the author of more than 35 books for children.

He total movement along the fault is less than 2 inches (5cm) per year but the tremors caused by the movement can be very strong. the mantle, where it melts. The crust recycles itself ibrary Real World Science Challenge Answers Chapter One age 7 Chapter Three age 17 A F R T W O P he ing of ire follows the basin of the acific cean. It begins at the southern tip of ustralia, moves north past eastern sia, curves across laska, then moves down the acific orthwest, and ends at the southern tip of South merica.

Ntarctica, ustralia, and India join together as one mass that seems to have broken off from the southeast coast of frica. emember, over millions of years, erosion, plate tectonics, earthquakes, and other forces of nature have changed the coastlines of all the continents. Because of these changes, the continents no longer fit together perfectly. T T Some of the major mountain ranges in the nited States include: the Brooks ange and the laska ange in laska; the Cascades in the acific orthwest; the Sierra evada stretch up and down California and evada; the ocky Mountains, which run from ew Mexico through Colorado and Montana and into Canada; the ppalachian Mountains are found in the east.

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