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American Contempt for Liberty - download pdf or read online

By Walter E. Williams

All through historical past, own liberty, loose markets, and peaceful, voluntary exchanges were roundly denounced by way of tyrants and sometimes greeted with suspicion by means of most people. regrettably, american citizens have more and more accredited the tyrannical rules of lowered deepest estate rights and lowered rights to gains, and became enamored with regulations on own liberty and keep watch over by way of govt. during this most modern selection of essays chosen from his syndicated newspaper columns, Walter E. Williams takes on quite a number arguable concerns surrounding race, schooling, the surroundings, the structure, well-being care, international coverage, and extra. Skewering the self-righteous and self-important forces all through society, he makes the case for what he calls the "the ethical superiority of non-public liberty and its major ingredient—limited government." together with his ordinary straight forward insights and honesty, Williams unearths the lack of liberty in approximately each vital point of our lives, the big decline in our values, and the ethical tragedy that has befallen american citizens at the present time: our trust that it really is appropriate for the govt to forcibly use one American to serve the needs of one other.

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If there were a catastrophic economic calamity, I can imagine a political hustler exploiting those frailties, as have other tyrants, blaming it on the Jews, the blacks, the conservatives, the liberals, the Catholics, or free trade. The best thing the president and Congress can do to reduce the potential for conflict and violence is reduce the impact of government on our lives. Doing so will not only produce a less-divided country and greater economic efficiency, but bear greater faith and allegiance to the vision of America held by our founders—a country of limited government.

Fortunately, they can’t because they have only 225 Electoral College votes when 270 of the 538 total are needed. Were it not for the Electoral College, presidential candidates could safely ignore less populous states. Two houses of Congress pose another obstacle to majority rule. Fift y-one senators can block the designs of 435 representatives and 49 senators. The Constitution gives the president a veto that weakens the power of 535 members of both houses of Congress. It takes two-thirds of both houses of Congress to override a presidential veto.

Moreover, there’s no Santa Claus or Tooth Fairy who gives it resources. The fact that Congress has no resources of its own forces us to recognize that the only way Congress can give one American one dollar is to first—through intimidation, threats, and coercion—confiscate that dollar from some other American through the tax code. If any American did privately what Congress does publicly, he’d be condemned as an ordinary thief. Taking what belongs to one American to give to another is theft, and the receiver is a recipient of stolen property.

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