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Download e-book for iPad: Aphrodite the Beauty (Goddess Girls) by Joan Holub

By Joan Holub

Definite Aphrodite is gorgeous, yet it isn't constantly effortless being the goddess of affection and wonder!

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No, Athena would never tell. She was no gossip! "Sure, I got some roses. From a friend. " Aphrodite told Medusa in what she desperately hoped was a casual tone. Medusa raised a dark green eyebrow. " Aphrodite eyed her coolly. " Flicking their tongues, the snakes darted toward her as Medusa shot her a look. Good thing she wasn't mortal. 88 She would've turned to stone at once. Fortunately, Mr. When class was finally over, Athena disappeared down the hall before Aphrodite could question her. But that wasn't unusual.

Aphrodite smiled at her. Poor Athena. She'd never really had a boyfriend. Just wait until she experienced her first crush. She'd think differently then. "If the maiden feels that way, then perhaps it's only because she hasn't yet found the right youth," Aphrodite said kindly. "But not all youths marry," Athena pointed out. " Poseidon thrust his trident into the air. As always, water dripped from it and him to puddle beneath his chair. "That's because many youths prefer the life of a soldier," he declared.

Before Aphrodite could reply, Pandora plowed ahead. "This party should be a lot of fun, don't you think? Won't it be great if 33 there's a band playing? ""Uh, sure," said Aphrodite. Her reply would've worked for any of the questions. With Pandora it didn't really matter anyway. She was always so busy asking questions that she never paid much attention to the answers she received. As if a sign of her curiosity, her bangs, streaked blue and gold like the rest of her hair, were plastered against her forehead in the shape of a question mark.

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