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Mathematical Physics

Read e-book online Archimedes' Revenge: The Joys and Perils of Mathematics PDF

By Paul Hoffman

An creation to the delights and demanding situations of recent arithmetic.

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Iln I i WI a. Lhvr ais ofWsigon l n 91a 14 t11111$1 Inn n 10 M4610 1928 a? 111 16S, 1, 73 Wa1 37shing-7217 2,50 IH PRIMES' . p a. I214141 165,InW11atshing-l ol111 11 a 92 14 2 ARCHIMEDES' REVENGE 36 The record-setting prime that Chevron's computer hit upon weighs in at 65,050 digits. This 65,050-digit whopper is a Mersenne number; it is equal to the number 2 raised to the 216,091st power minus 1. To list all the digits would require 30 pages of this book. 'We just happened to crunch enough numbers to come up with a new prime," a Chevron vice-president told the press.

4, iiM nI is n7 i It II1 s 9 I D n ito a n, an :r i n1 nnl 04I a M n 4,1 2114mt1 10 n a a. en? all im Inn nnu71 11 IN itI m1 411 it 1741 ml? lae inn -tInl* &iD I49iiill - 1m 1 11? le luninnh ~lien l lt nIn 21l ~nI mu Int nn, n S An iif 14t nn in 1 14I it ti,,1-. Ww inDDn ;lz Ilinl a. 1iE 1 1 ID |-nl Ia. 11111 m1a,9 0D Rn lel ii ln7 a. t en t1 Dm Inn inn 5D,11nou Ia. ll -14,1 if 1101asum til tl - Inu iI ua,1 I l YD14 1114 un4, e a. 12? 71 tnll nen 111"o1 10 144 In In 1 14D0?? 4t II 0? n 101 101 217 '41, it i I=- 111 41171 n14 41 41 E4 Yn 11 o.

And since the Navahos numbered more than 50,000, there were surely many able-bodied men who could be conscripted. By the end of the war, 420 Navahos had helped the Marines advance from the Solomon Islands to Okinawa, where they were particularly helpful, barking orders in a peculiar language that left the Japanese high command totally baffled but made for swiftly executed maneuvers. Despite the increasing number of mathematicians drawn to cryptography, and the increasing supercomputer resources harnessed for code making and breaking.

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